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The Banana Basket logo text and cloth reusable pad

Reusable Menstrual Pads

Hi! I'm Hayley

Challenges in life are a given, especially for people with periods. We all want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but without compromising on comfort, beauty and price. That’s why I switched to reusable menstrual pads. Reusable pads are comfortable, sustainable and always on hand. Reusable pads will save you money, make you smile and feel confident. 

My mission is give my customers a better period. My handmade reusable cloth pads provide more comfort at a time you need it most. I make all my pads at home in The Netherlands.

Have A Better Period.

Happy Customers

These pads are great! Very very beautiful! This is a picture, an artistic masterpiece. This is a very high quality work. Beautiful packaging, handwritten letter and cute present. I am very pleased. I will order more.


Absolutely stunning scrundies and pad. Beautiful material, beautifully made, and made and posted so quickly to the UK! Hayley is an amazing seamstress...please try her pads and scrundies! Thanks so much from a very happy return customer :) xx


Oh so pretty pads that fit well in you underwear and stay in place. My first pads with PUL and it feels nice, not the plastic claustrofobic feeling i got with other PUL pads. And a very friendly seller that ships fast. I’m happy. 🙂