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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I switch to cloth pads?

There could be several different reasons why you should consider using my handmade cloth pads:


  • You save money in the long run because of my pads durability of 5-15 years. You won’t have to buy disposables ever again. Studies show women use around 10.000 to 15.000 disposable pads, pantyliners and tampons in a lifetime. This initial investment into my pads will save you money to buy something nice later.

  • If you suffer from allergies and skin sensitivities, my cloth pads will provide you with better comfort. My high quality pads will make you forget you are wearing them. They are so soft and absorbent, it will make you feel confident and a lot less sweaty. If you have a latex allergy, please contact me.

  • You have less waste, which is good for our planet and all living things on it. Traditional disposable pads and tampons are made of plastic which takes hundreds of years to break down.


What types of cloth pads are there?

There are many. But the ones I make are the following:


  • Night Pad (heavy flow)
  • Day Pad (medium flow)
  • Panty Liner (light flow)
  • Thong Liner (very light flow)
  • Not what you need? Contact me.

How many cloth pads do I need?

This number is different for everyone. It depends on how heavy your flow is and how often you are going to clean them. Some people want to switch when there is just a bit of blood and others really soak the pads. Whatever you are comfortable with. The usage rate is comparable to disposables.

How do I wear them?

The print goes on top(that's where you bleed on), the latex dots on the bottom. Snap the wing in place around your underwear.

How much money will I save?

I can't give you an exact number. Menstrual lifetime, from puberty to menopause, is approximately 40 years.

Cost over a period of 40 years:
Buying disposables (pads and liners) for $9 per month x 480 months = $4320 
Buying my pads for $350 for an average of 10 years x 4 = $1400
$4320 - $1400 = $2920 saved.

What about leaking?

The Banana Basket Pads are resistant to leaking. My sanitary napkins are designed to stay in place using a clever wing design and high quality snaps. Every pad features a Zorb core: An innovative, super-absorbent hypoallergenic fabric. It absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other materials (bamboo, cotton, hemp knits).

I have a latex allergy, are your cloth pads suited for me?

My non slip backing contains latex. If you need a set without the latex dots, please contact me.

Are your cloth pads good for postpartum (after giving birth)?

Yes, the Night Pads will fulfill that need. The much needed comfort will bring relief and help you relax.

Can The Banana Basket Cloth pads be used for incontinence?

Yes, all my pads are suitable for light incontinence. If you have any questions, please contact me.

How long will The Banana Basket pads last?

The durability is 5-15 years, depending on proper care.

How do I clean my cloth pads?

Wash your pads on a low temperature before the first use. To remove fresh blood stains: rinse your pads with cold water until the water runs clear. Then simply pop them in your washing machine with the rest of your laundry!

To remove dried blood stains: soak your pads overnight in cold water (add stain remover for heavily stained pads). Wash on low temperature and let the pads air dry. Do not use fabric softener as this will reduce absorbency. Do not tumble dry as this can melt the buttons. You can use a laundry sanitizer if desired. Easy as pie!

Why are The Banana Basket pads the best?

I only use the best and highest quality fabrics which I import from all over the world. From my 10+ years of experience I’ve learned what is best by experimenting with all sorts of designs and materials. I’ve been in groups of other like-minded people discussing and learning from each other.  


Where are The Banana Basket pads made?

All my pads are handmade with love in my own house in Holland. These are not from some factory in China like so many others.

If I'm not at home, and I'm wearing it.. how am I supposed to clean it?

Well when you are out, you can use a wet bag. I don’t have them yet, but they are coming soon! You can also use a small toiletry bag. When you go to the bathroom, simply change the pad, and fold it with the stained side on the inside. Then close the snaps and put it in the wet bag. When you get home you can wash them.

Which pad absorbs the most?

The night pad has the highest absorbency. The day pad has regular absorbency and the liners have a regular to light absorbency. The longer/wider the pad, the higher the absorbency level.

What is the difference between a panty liner and day pad?

The difference is that the pantyliner is a lot shorter. The day pad is most suitable for the first few days of your period as it is longer and therefore has more coverage and absorbency. The liner is short and suitable for lighter days or for extra protection when you are wearing a cup for example. They are also suitable for regular every day use